Visual Profile Westerfadder

Me and my classmate Guro Waagene were given the task to design the visual profile for our “Fadderuke”–which is basically the first week of school with lots of parties, fun, and social activities to welcome the new students.
We made posters, a web-page, flyers, and beerbongs.
We did this on quite a short amount of time, and considering this we are really happy about the result!





Post-it challenge!

Our class was asked if we were interested in representing Norway in a big, nordic, post-it competition.
I, and 15 of my classmates, said yes. Our task was to cover a 3x6m wall with post-its/sticky notes in 3 hours, and use the new colour palette.
This took place at an event at Sandvika shopping mall.
Our idea was based on the saying “memory of a goldfish”, and our motiv is a “daddy”-fish that uses post-its too remember his kids’ names.

testing testing..

testing testing..



We competed against Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
We WON! 😀

The poster is dead!

Big Ben & classmates

This week we went on a schooltrip to England.
Spent some great days in London and had a project with students from Kingston University. We were asked to reinvent the dying poster, working in groups, and show the result at an exhibition at the end of the week.
My group felt that the reason the poster is dying is because there are so many of them, they almost kill each other. We wanted a poster that stood out, was never the same and made people stop and look at it. We used photochromic pigment in the ink, which would only show when exposed to direct sunlight . In the dark or indoors the text would be invisible= the poster dies.

How it works

We screen printed our design onto our poster, and took it out and photographed it in daylight, dusk and night showing the stages of its transformation.

poster production

Collaboration With Aine Gibbons, George Newton, Pawel Bilas and Kat Rothery

My new invention

This week we had to choose a final “chindogu” product (see earlier posts).

Then we had to make a moodboard, a construction drawing and a poster of it in illustrator.  I have chosen to work with an idea I call drinking-flask-shoes. Hollow platform shoes you can use to smuggle alcohol into bars and clubs, or to hide that you are drinking. Just go to the ladies room, and have a shot from your heel!

Quick drawing class

This week we had two days with illustrator Egil Nyhus as our guest teacher. He draws mainly caricature drawings and illustrations for a newspaper, and also for childrens books.

In our class he focused on sketching, and how to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible.

I really enjoyed having him a s a techer, he has great energy, and jumped and goofed around all the time.

(click for slideshow)

Creative christmas!

Some of the things I’ve been doing theese pre-christmas days!

Pop-up christmas card

Christmas pop-up card, and homemade marzipan & chocolate confetti

big paper-cut names on presents, and my own christmas wrapping paper

Christmas at westerdals



Vi har fått i oppgave å lage hver vår “blogfolio” eller nettside. Vi måtte lære oss en del koding, noe som virker slitsomt, lite logisk og tidkrevende i begynnelsen. Etterhvert når man forstår hvordan det hele henger sammen føler man seg ganske genial, og kan få veldig gode resultater.

For å se min blogfolio, gå inn på

Her er noen screenshots:

Vi fikk også i oppgave å skrive en oppsummering av pensum til dette prosjektet. Legger den ved her


WEBDESIGN- et sammendrag av pensum

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Paralellt med kalligrafi-prodjektet vårt skal vi også jobbe med layout.

Den første oppgaven vi fikk var å klippe fra hverandre se og hør, og sette det sammen igjen ved å bruke “grid” og Layout fra “Henne”, og få det til å se ut som “Henne”. Og omvendt. Vi skal lage forside til både nytt se og hør og henne + 2 spreads fra hver. Det tar overraskende lang tid å klippe og lime sånn, men det er en morsom oppgave!

Vi fikk en ny oppgave i dag som jeg kommewr til å gå nærmere inn på når vi har kommet i gang med jobbinga.

Nicklas elsker å klippe.

Jonas ble også med på gruppa.

Typografi uke 1

Denne uken har vi begynt å jobbe med Kalligrafi med gjestelæreren Christopher Haanes.

Han har bl. annet laget typo for tine 

Til nå har vi gått igjennom en del historie bak skriftspråk og hvordan det oppsto, lært noen grunnprinsipper innen kalligrafi, og lært  oss riktige proporsjoner på store majuskler.


Graf-elevene jobber flittig med bokstav-øvelser

Min første bokstav-grid