Fun with photography

Halloween last year, me and two friends decided to play around with makeup and have a little photoshoot in stead of doing  the usual trick-or-treat/costume party.

Great fun playing around with my new camera, and I finally had the time to edit one of the photos.
I am actually quite a noob when it comes to photography, but I do know a lot about photoshop *magic* and that’s what saved me on this one.



Below  is the original photo, before editing




This summer I went on a roadtrip with two friends (Andreas Kallstad and Saman Alam) around Norway!
We did some urban exploration on our trip, and made a blog about it!
Here are some pictures, and visit  to see more


We had a two-week project about pictogrammes. Our task was to make a web flip-book/flyer for a food delivery company, focusing on “Happy food”. This is made in collaboration with Fredrik Stabbenfelt. Fun project!

here is our interactive flash-folder


Kaos kontroll

Etter min gruppe’s første  veiledning fikk vi kastet lys over mange spørsmål, og mye forvrring som har svirret rundt i hodet de siste ukene. Det var deilig!

Fikk blant annet vite at denne bloggen blir en del av karakter-vurderingen vår, noe som helt klart skjerper jobbingen og seriøsiteten av bloggen. Min klasse har trodd til nå at bloggen var ment mest som en personlig  blogg, og noe valgfri.

Fikk også vite at vi lå litt foran skjema på gruppeoppgaven/metodejobbinga/SPIN, og det var en positiv overraskelse, siden vi trodde vi lå langt bak. Vi har nå kommet frem til flere retninger rundt naboskap, og har et par gode, gjennomførbare idèer i bakhodet også.

Jeg synes spin-metoden er litt treg, tar så lang tid før man kan jobbe med selve idéen, og gjennomførelsen av den, men jeg antar at vi har godt utbytte av metoden in the end.. Er vel en grunn til at Westerdals trykker denne metoden til sitt bryst. Time will show!

Gleder meg til å få klargjort enda mer om eksamensoppgaven i morgen, har følt meg litt som et spørsmålstegn de siste ukene 😛

Surrealistisk film

I går viste vi frem den surrealistiske filmen vår, og så alle de andre gruppenes løsning. Hovedpoenget var at vi skulle få prøve ut surrealistiske metoder i praksis, og det fikk vi jo. Gruppa mi brukte flere forskjellige teknikker, drømmer, satte på alarm og skrev det mest interessante som skjedde oss kl 18:37, skrev automatskrift, skrev ett ord hver så det ble merklige setninger, og brukte  metoden Dali brukte for den Andalusiske hund: ja- og/nei.

Her er filmen vår:


Fikk litt forskjellige tilbakemeldinger på filmen, noen mente den ikke var surrealistisk nok, andre mente den var den beste fordi den var så stilren og enkel.

What do you think? 🙂

Gruppe Rød 5 Redigerer film

Filmstjerna 😉

Kameramann 1 og skuespiller på plass

A new week!

Yesterday we had someone over talking about science and creativity.

Did some “tests” to check how creative we are, and worked in groups.

It was interesting, but a bit too much theory between the activities, and it was hard to concentrate and not doodle in my sketch-book.


Today we met at “Samfunssalen”. It felt good to be somewhere new, and we got free coffe/hot chocolate all day – luxury! 😀

Learned about:

  • the creative brain,
  • what makes people more creative, and what stops creativity,.
  • creative energy, and what increases it.
  • how is a “typical” creative person, (this was interesting, the typical creative person is kindof twofaced, smart and naive, social and a loner, Calm and stressed, masculine and feminine, dreaming and rational etc.)
  • flyt,
  • and a new creative method – SPIN.
We also tested the Spin method in groups, creating ideas around different types of chocolate, we got:

A lot to go through in one day, but it was very interesting, my group was fun, and time passed quickly!




Scandic Hotel project

So, The students at my school were asked for a little help to decorate a new hotel,0%5D;lbl:bh379197_hotel%20scandic%20vulkan;cur:EUR;sort:0_desc;frm:1;&cur=NOK&gclid=COaZ9Zrl4asCFYTwzAodETPwPg&label=bh379197_hotel+scandic+vulkan .

They want designs for curtains in the rooms, and for a 4×5 m wall in their bar. I think it sounds fun, and I’ll try to make some curtain designs for them.

Lately my love for typography has grown to new heights, and therefore I chose to work with that. Illustrator is quite new to me too, so this is a great way to learn more!

My idea is to take quotes from different famous hit-songs  through the decades and put them all over the curtains. “Curtains to sing to” or get flashbacks/memories from.

Here’s the first quote,

(I made a poster of it just for fun)

The Buried life

The Buried Life is a reality documentary series. The series features four guys attempting to complete a list of “100 things to do before you die”. They do everything from helping deliver a baby and ask out the girl of their dreams to play basketball with Barack Obama or join a party at the playboy mansion.

It’s very inspiring, you should watch it! NOW! 😀

You find full episodes here:

My list so far :

  1. Visit all the countries of Europe
  2. Continue reading

A sunny friday!

Yesterday we had lectures in critical thinking and research, and worked with our “akerseleva”-project.

What we were supposed to learn about today:

  • Research 2
  • Design by narrative
  • Kvalitativ metode
What I actually remember:
  • Mr. Lee’s story

Han er søt da ^^

  • latin – Qualitas = Quality, species, sort.
  • Problemstillingen er sjefen, og at en story er viktig
So far I really enjoy studying at Westerdals. It’s a bit chaotic at times, but I really like the teachers and students, espechially my class 😉

We had a long lunch break today in the sun, ate pizza an really good chicken roll in a park 🙂

And after school half the class enjoyed a glass of beer/wine at Blå. A really nice day!

New project

Yesterday we got a lot of info from Oslo museums about Akerselva’s history, and why it is such an important part of Oslo’s history.

They have made a test-app, and we walked around and tested it.

Today we worked in groups to find out how to make the younger crowd interested in history and museums. We came up with some pretty good ideas 😀

Have also been thinking about our magazine-design, searching for inspiration and french graphic designers.

P.S. I looove living in Oslo! always something happening, something to do and someone to hang out with 🙂 And I’m really happy about my new flat!



Our first big project

Today we got a lot of info about what we’ll be doing the next 5 weeks.

Task: Create neighbourship

  • Lots of guest teachers will come
  • We’ll learn about surrealism and make a surrealistic film
  • Learn to create this blog
  • work in groups, class groups and mixed groups
  • Our class will also work with Editorial design

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