My new invention

This week we had to choose a final “chindogu” product (see earlier posts).

Then we had to make a moodboard, a construction drawing and a poster of it in illustrator.  I have chosen to work with an idea I call drinking-flask-shoes. Hollow platform shoes you can use to smuggle alcohol into bars and clubs, or to hide that you are drinking. Just go to the ladies room, and have a shot from your heel!

Chindogu Idea sketches

This week we had to present some of out ideas for the “Impossible object” project. Yeah, some rally stupid ideas there, but they1re supposed to be.

Here are my sketches:

Christmas presents of the year!

Haha, this is hillarious! We have a new assignment in school. We have to come up with a ” chindogu “, in short it is a ingenious everyday gadget that seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem, but really are quite useless.

We are going to make the shindogu, make a user-manual, package design, full identity (logo etc.), slogans and a stand where we present it.

Here are some examples!