Finally got some time to sketch/draw again ^^

I always had a huge facination for animals and insects as a child. This is siomething I seem to have gradually forgotten.
This weekend I wendt to the Natural History Museum in Oslo with a friend and my cousin, and I really felt inspired afterwards!
I’ll probably draw more animals in the future, and go to more museums!
Sharing some photos with you here


Post-it challenge!

Our class was asked if we were interested in representing Norway in a big, nordic, post-it competition.
I, and 15 of my classmates, said yes. Our task was to cover a 3x6m wall with post-its/sticky notes in 3 hours, and use the new colour palette.
This took place at an event at Sandvika shopping mall.
Our idea was based on the saying “memory of a goldfish”, and our motiv is a “daddy”-fish that uses post-its too remember his kids’ names.

testing testing..

testing testing..



We competed against Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
We WON! 😀

Creative christmas!

Some of the things I’ve been doing theese pre-christmas days!

Pop-up christmas card

Christmas pop-up card, and homemade marzipan & chocolate confetti

big paper-cut names on presents, and my own christmas wrapping paper

Christmas at westerdals


Typography inspiration

I have totally fallen for the beauty of typography and lettering, and I wanted to share some of this with you! (Click images for slideshow)