Anti Denim 666 Frames Project








Finally got some time to sketch/draw again ^^

I always had a huge facination for animals and insects as a child. This is siomething I seem to have gradually forgotten.
This weekend I wendt to the Natural History Museum in Oslo with a friend and my cousin, and I really felt inspired afterwards!
I’ll probably draw more animals in the future, and go to more museums!
Sharing some photos with you here


We had a two-week project about pictogrammes. Our task was to make a web flip-book/flyer for a food delivery company, focusing on “Happy food”. This is made in collaboration with Fredrik Stabbenfelt. Fun project!

here is our interactive flash-folder


Tattoo Design

Between schoolwork, work and social life, I’m often working on tattoo-designs for people.
This is something I really enjoy doing, as it is a great honor that people want my art-work on their skin permanently, and I still have a dream about becoming a tattooist one day. Good practise, and a way to earn a little extra money.

This is my most recent design for Caroline from Canada

Complete design

Complete design

Black & White

Black & White



Singles awareness day

Yep, that is today.. For all the people out there that don’t have a valentine to celebrate the 14th with.
I made a valentine’s card for my friend and room-mate Maiken this year.
She works as a Dj, and loves music.

Happy Valentines Day!

And here are some heartwarming couple-photos for you to enjoy 🙂

Rock and Roll

So, this is the latest drawings from my sketchbook, Pencils and black ink ballpen.

My love for typography is still growing!

From my sketchbook

From my sketchbook

Took a photo of the drawing, vectorized and colored it in Illustrator. I’m getting very comfortable with Illustrator too, but I still have a lot to learn!


That’s what he told me..


Chindogu Idea sketches

This week we had to present some of out ideas for the “Impossible object” project. Yeah, some rally stupid ideas there, but they1re supposed to be.

Here are my sketches:

Quick drawing class

This week we had two days with illustrator Egil Nyhus as our guest teacher. He draws mainly caricature drawings and illustrations for a newspaper, and also for childrens books.

In our class he focused on sketching, and how to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible.

I really enjoyed having him a s a techer, he has great energy, and jumped and goofed around all the time.

(click for slideshow)

Dvaske fiskeboller svømmer i molefunkent vann

I dag hadde vi en interessant forelesning (Edy Poppy og Morten Thomte) om surrealisme!

Fikk litt basic info/bakgrunn og gjorde en del artige øvelser. En av dem var at alle elevene i auditoriet sa et ord hver, som til slutt ble en tekst. utdrag fra resultatet:

En som smaker godt, men aldri som en hest.
Kan du plassere mat litt lengre enn, men hvis ikke noen faller. 
Kanskje noen må dø – vodka? 
Hysteriske musikk fra hjertet kommer til deg.
Gebrekkelige knehaser skriker luftig.
Samtidig har du samme hår som den søte kua. 
Noen dvaske fiskeboller svømmer i mollefonkent badevann.

Så også “den andalusiske hund”. Ganske småekkel kortfilm.

Vil også nevne at det finnes en enda sykere og myyyyye lengre surrealistisk film i farger for de som vil se mer crazyness. Det er den sykeste, særeste, jævligste og mest forvirrende filmen jeg noen sinne har sett, og varer i 3-4 timer. her er traileren: 

Og her er noen andre lekre surrealistiske greier: