Geometry & Art posters

A poster series.
I made those because I needed something to apply my new experimental font to. Lately I’ve become quite obessed with geometry

geometry geometric skull poster pink mortani

geometry geometric skull poster pink mortani

geometry geometric skull poster pink mortani

geometry geometric skull poster pink mortani



Playing with shapes

The past two weeks we had classes with Stefan Ellmer. He is a typographer from Switzerland.
He asked us to experiment and explore shapes in typoraphy. Then we were asked to make our own typeface, based on a few shapes.
Here are some of my sketches and results.

I also made a process booklet, if you want to see more. you an find it here :

Rock and Roll

So, this is the latest drawings from my sketchbook, Pencils and black ink ballpen.

My love for typography is still growing!

From my sketchbook

From my sketchbook

Took a photo of the drawing, vectorized and colored it in Illustrator. I’m getting very comfortable with Illustrator too, but I still have a lot to learn!


That’s what he told me..


Creative christmas!

Some of the things I’ve been doing theese pre-christmas days!

Pop-up christmas card

Christmas pop-up card, and homemade marzipan & chocolate confetti

big paper-cut names on presents, and my own christmas wrapping paper

Christmas at westerdals


Typography inspiration

I have totally fallen for the beauty of typography and lettering, and I wanted to share some of this with you! (Click images for slideshow)


This week we started to learn old english calligraphy with ink and old nib pens. It takes a lot of time and consentration, but it is fun, and we learn alot of all the letters, spacing, kerning and typography at the same time.


After hours of working it is important to move around and stretch out from time to time to avoid neck, back or wrist problems. As you can see we really enjoy doing this!


Typografi uke 1

Denne uken har vi begynt å jobbe med Kalligrafi med gjestelæreren Christopher Haanes.

Han har bl. annet laget typo for tine 

Til nå har vi gått igjennom en del historie bak skriftspråk og hvordan det oppsto, lært noen grunnprinsipper innen kalligrafi, og lært  oss riktige proporsjoner på store majuskler.


Graf-elevene jobber flittig med bokstav-øvelser

Min første bokstav-grid