Packaging Chindogu



We had to make packaging for our chindogu. I wanted the packaging to be something you can use for several purposes, and not just throw away. I wanted to make a shoebag for my Pompettes that works like a undercover drinking kit.
I redesigned an old hairdryer-bag I found at a flea market. This is the original bag:

Original bag

Original bag


After a lot of spraypaiting, cutting, sewing and painting, I qwas py about it.  I also made a few extra thing to put in the bag, a book with two hidden shots, and two small boxes for painkillers. The only thing I mi9ss is a label or something (might add that later).


spraypaint, stencil, sewing, gluin'

spraypaint, stencil, sewing, gluin’



We also had to edit our photos in Photoshop, and show a before and after editing picture. Here it is:


3 thoughts on “Packaging Chindogu

  1. Sweet! 😀 Så flink du er! Kan ikke du og jeg gjøre noe lignende i sommer, designe våre egne vesker? 😀 Husk; kreativ sommer. 😉

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