Scandic Hotel project

So, The students at my school were asked for a little help to decorate a new hotel,0%5D;lbl:bh379197_hotel%20scandic%20vulkan;cur:EUR;sort:0_desc;frm:1;&cur=NOK&gclid=COaZ9Zrl4asCFYTwzAodETPwPg&label=bh379197_hotel+scandic+vulkan .

They want designs for curtains in the rooms, and for a 4×5 m wall in their bar. I think it sounds fun, and I’ll try to make some curtain designs for them.

Lately my love for typography has grown to new heights, and therefore I chose to work with that. Illustrator is quite new to me too, so this is a great way to learn more!

My idea is to take quotes from different famous hit-songs  through the decades and put them all over the curtains. “Curtains to sing to” or get flashbacks/memories from.

Here’s the first quote,

(I made a poster of it just for fun)


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