A new week!

Yesterday we had someone over talking about science and creativity.

Did some “tests” to check how creative we are, and worked in groups.

It was interesting, but a bit too much theory between the activities, and it was hard to concentrate and not doodle in my sketch-book.


Today we met at “Samfunssalen”. It felt good to be somewhere new, and we got free coffe/hot chocolate all day – luxury! 😀

Learned about:

  • the creative brain,
  • what makes people more creative, and what stops creativity,.
  • creative energy, and what increases it.
  • how is a “typical” creative person, (this was interesting, the typical creative person is kindof twofaced, smart and naive, social and a loner, Calm and stressed, masculine and feminine, dreaming and rational etc.)
  • flyt,
  • and a new creative method – SPIN.
We also tested the Spin method in groups, creating ideas around different types of chocolate, we got:

A lot to go through in one day, but it was very interesting, my group was fun, and time passed quickly!





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